Monday, October 16, 2017

Secrets of the Sea by Kate Baker - ADVISABLE

Baker, Kate Secrets of the Sea, 82 pages.  Illustrated by Eleanor Taylor.  PICTURE BOOK.  Big Picture Press (Candlewick), 2017.  $25.  9780763698393

At first you will probably glance at this book and think, as I did, “why didn’t they use photos for the illustrations?”  But then you will immerse yourself in Taylor’s luminescent drawings and think, “othing else could be more perfect”.  Though arranged as a factual text about a wide variety of sea/ocean organisms, this feels more like a vast coffee table book that a reader could lose themselves within for hours.  I want to cut this up and display most of the illustrations on my wall as art pieces, but even though they are worthy, I won’t, because I want this available for students to love.  This is more a book for an individual to check out, not really something  a teacher might use in the classroom.


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