Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Run by Kody Kiplinger - OPTIONAL

Keplinger, Kody Run, 304 pages.  Scholastic, JULY 2016.  $18.  Language: R (100+ swears, 25+ ‘f’); Mature Content: R (sex acts mentioned briefly; body parts mentioned, drinking by teens); Violence: G.

If Bo Dickinson’s mom is arrested one more time for drug possession or prostitution, Bo only the only place for her to go will be to a group home or foster care – she’s been there once and she does not want to do that again.  Agnes Atwood was born with an eye problem, which leaves her barely able to see anything, making her effectively blind.  When the two become friends, both of them find that there are other ways to live their lives.  And when Bo’s mom inevitable gets arrested, the pair is ready to flee.

Bo’s life, unfortunately, is not a surprise to adults who work with teens – teens who have parents who are more interested in themselves, who just need to get high, who should have never had kids in the first place.  While the story is compelling, it is much too realistic for me.  I think the swear count could have easily been halved and still made its point.  Otherwise, I would recommend this for a much wider audience.  As it is, impoverished communities, inner city teens, will find themselves on these pages.

HS – OPTIONAL.  Cindy, Library teacher

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