Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Duck, Duck, Dinosaur by Kalie George - OPTIONAL

George, Kallie  Duck, Duck, Dinosaur  Illustrated by Oriol Vidal  Harper, 2016.  $17.99  PICTURE BOOK  Content: G.   

Mama Duck has three eggs and she is excited to have a family.  The first two eggs hatch and the baby ducks like to compete, but when the third egg hatches (and happens to be a dinosaur), the dinosaur wins all the competitions.  They compete over who is the biggest, funniest or sweetest and Mama Duck is just happy to have her family and the babies are happy to have Mama Duck.   

At first is seems with this title the book would be a play on the child game, Duck, Duck, Goose, but it isn’t.  It’s a book about baby ducks who compete for their mom’s attention.  There doesn’t seem to be an obvious moral to the story and the pictures aren’t that engaging-except for the dinosaur illustration and he is ADORABLE.  

PREK – OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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