Monday, March 14, 2016

ida Always by Caron Levis - OPTIONAL

Levis, Caron ida, Always, illustrated by Charles Santoso, PICTUREBOOK. Simon & Schuster, 2016. $17.99. Content: PG.  

Gus and ida are polar bears who live in the New York zoo.  They spend everyday together, playing with the ball, splashing in the water, and being together.  But then, one day ida doesn’t come out to play and the zoo keeper explains to Gus that ida is sick and isn’t going to get better.  

This is the saddest picture book I have ever seen! The illustrations are touching, beautiful, sensitive and tender, as is the accompanying story. But it is so very very sad. I can’t see how you could read this to a child and hold your emotions together. I must admit, I was a wreck, I cried and cried.  Bibliotherapy? Maybe if you need to teach empathy.  

EL  (K-3) - OPTIONAL  Lisa Librarian

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