Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Women Who Broke the Rules: Sonia Sotomayor by Kathleen Krull- ESSENTIAL

Krull, Kathleen. Women Who Broke the Rules: Sonia Sotomayor, Bloomsbury, 2015. $16.99. Content: G. This biography covers the life of Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. She grew up in a tough public housing project in New York. She learned that she had diabetes at a young age and made sure that she would get the most out of her life by working hard and doing things she loved. It was not an easy time for women to realize their dreams and work in a profession like the law, which was typically a career for men. Sonia was awarded scholarships to prestigious Ivy League schools and worked her way from an attorney to a federal district judge, to the Supreme Court. I was really impressed with this book. I will say it did seem to be a little biased, but with a book under the theme of “Women Who Broke the Rules,” it’s bound to have a bit of a skewed view toward the subject. I was however, really impressed by how hard Sotomayor worked to achieve her goals and how, even at a young age, she was aware that she couldn’t possible know everything so it was important for her to ask questions and ask for help when she needed it. I thought that was the most lasting concept from the book. Sotomayor truly did break a lot of boundaries, and her goal of being a hard-working role model, was definitely achieved. I thought the book was very engaging, on topic, and well-done. I was thinking I might end up being a little bored and I absolutely wasn’t. This is a valuable purchase to have for all students, particularly girls and the Latino community in your library. EL, MS- ESSENTIAL. Reviewed by Shay, High School Librarian.

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