Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nooks and Crannies by Jessica Lawson - ESSENTIAL

Lawson, Jessica Nooks and Crannies, 316 pgs.  Simon & Schuster, 2015.  $16.99.  Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: PG; 

What begins as a tragic Dickensonian tale of young Tabitha Crum quickly turns into mystery fit for Scotland Yard.  Tabitha finds herself caught up, along with 5 other children, in the mystery behind the missing grandchild of a well known Countess.  Tabitha uses her quiet ways to discover the secrets of Hollingsworth Hall, enlisting the help of some of the other children and tips from her beloved Inspector Pensive novels.  True to any good orphan story, Tabitha’s life takes a turn toward good fortune and truth wins out in the end.  

Delightful story with challenging vocabulary and interesting plot.  


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