Sunday, February 25, 2018

You Can't Be Too Careful! by Roger Mello - OPTIONAL

Mello, Roger You Can’t Be Too Careful! PICTURE BOOK Penguin Random House, 2017. $18 9780914671640 (Originally published in Brazil in 1999)

A gardener carefully watches a rose, but he has a cold because he doesn’t have his shoes - - this starts a cause/effect story that tells why things happened (someone didn’t die, someone was annoying or didn’t do their job right) until it reaches back and spins the other way when reactions improve and kindness replaces greed.

This was an odd story with strange illustrations - I found myself looking closely to try to figure them out.  Maybe it’s my taste in this kind of art.  I can’t see reading this to a child, but I can see it as an example of a great Language Arts lesson on cause/effect or as a group writing assignment.

EL - OPTIONAL  Lisa Librarian

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