Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Whole Sky by Heather Henson - OPTIONAL

Henson, Heather The Whole Sky, 235 pages. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2017. $17.00. Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G.

Sky is a horse whisperer. Shortly after she arrived at the Shaughnessy farm in Kentucky, the mares started complaining of prickly feelings in their mouths and swollen tongues. She did not know how to help all of her favorite mares who were foaling. Normally, she would turn to her father for advice, he too is a horse whisperer, but he had changed ever since Sky’s mother died a few months prior. He had turned to alcohol. This left Sky, a twelve-year-old girl, to grieve for her mother alone; care for her favorite horse, Poppy; become friends with Archie, the bug loving grandson of the owners of the farm; and deal with her alcoholic father when she needed him the most.

I enjoyed reading this book. The author really made me believe that Sky could be a horse whisperer. Her character was real to me. She was not a brat like some characters in books portray to be when faced with trials. She was strong and bold and did not give up. I am excited to read it with my daughter who loves horses. The book is based on true events that happened to foaling mares in Kentucky in 2001.

EL, MS - OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Candice Woolley

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