Saturday, February 24, 2018

I Almost Died. Again. by Alison DeCamp - OPTIONAL

DeCamp, Alison I Almost Died. Again. (My Near-Death Adventures #2), 269 pages. Crown Books for Young Readers (Random), 2016. $17.

Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G.  9780385390507


This is a follow up book to My Near-Death Adventures (99% True!).  In this 1890’s period piece, Stanley Slater is back with his unique voice and scrapbook.  Stanley uses his scrapbook to further his story with advertisements and clippings.  We find Stanley in the city, away from the lumber camp, but still finding near death experiences, even though his feared cousin Geri is too sick to be much of a threat.  Whereas Stanley spent the last book wondering about his father, he meets up with him in this book. Stanley has to determine if dear old dad is a hero or a villain while also coming up with get rich quick schemes to help his mother.  

Stanley’s adventures are a fun window into the past, especially with the addition of his scrapbook.  I like the humor in this book and the characters are a lot of fun, though I miss Geri’s feisty character that is largely absent. It is sometimes confusing when Stanley’s thoughts seem to always be said out loud unbeknownst to him. The story seems to drag in the middle just a bit.

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