Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman - ADVISABLE

Pullman, Philip The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust, #1), 450 pages. Alfred A. Knopf, 2017. $23.

Language: R (19 swears, 1 “f”); Mature Content: PG-13; Violence: PG-13.  

Malcolm is an intelligent and curious eleven year old who works with his parents in their restaurant/bar called The Trout.  While working there Malcolm learns many interesting things, including the fact that there is a baby being protected by his good friends, the nuns.  As Malcolm befriends the baby Lyra, he becomes aware of all the many groups of people who want to kidnap her.  When a flood comes through, Malcolm and the kitchen helper, Alice, are forced to protect and care for Lyra, but it becomes a long and arduous journey.  

I LOVED this book.  The good characters are endearing and the bad characters are fantastically creepy.  The plot has an excellent pace and I loved falling into Malcolm's world.  This book would be essential except for the random “f” word three pages before the end of the book.  (Also, for some reason the audio book has 3 other “f” words that aren’t in the book).  The violence includes a murder, reference of dismembering someone who is alive (not graphic), implied violence towards women and animal brutality.  The mature content includes witnessing a make out session and reference of sexual interest in kids.  Although the main character is eleven, this is for older readers.  

MS – OPTIONAL.  HS – ADVISABLE.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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