Thursday, February 8, 2018

King of the Bench : Control Freak by Steve Moore - ADVISABLE

Moore, Steve King of the Bench : Control Freak, 213 pages. Harper Collins, 2017. $14. Language: G (0 swears, 0 ‘f’) Mature Content: G; Violence: G.

Steve is now on the football team!  He was sure his parents would be against it, but when they weren’t he was stuck - so he’s the place kicker ball holder (less chance of getting hurt than in other positions.)  Well, on the first day of school, Steve trades his eskimo pie with Billionaire Bill - the homeless guy at the stadium for an old N64 controller. There seems to be magic in the controller, because Steve can turn it on and actually control the movements of people with it.  He helps a shy girl navigate the crowded lunchroom, an old lady cross a busy street, but should he use it to win the game?  Is it cheating to use magic in football?

This is a silly book, full of cartoons - a lot like Wimpy Kid - and will appeal to the same audience.  Full of boy humor and the dangers and guffaws of football, romance (did you know when a girl kicks you in the shin she likes you?), and teamwork. This fun read will grab your Captain Underpants and Timmy Failure readers.  Start collecting the whole series.

MS - ADVISABLE  Lisa Librarian

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