Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tinyville Town: I'm a Librarian (A Tinyville Town Book)- ADVISABLE

Biggs, Brian I'm a Librarian (A Tinyville Town Book). BOARD BOOK. Abrams, 2017. $7.95. Content: G. 978-1419723223

Would you like to be a librarian? People ask librarians all kinds of questions. Librarians like to help people get the information they need.  If someone wants to find a book about elephants, a librarian knows where to look.  At the end of the day the librarian returns books to their shelves.  He can even check a book out for himself to enjoy on the bus ride home! 

This is a fun book that details the job descriptions of a typical librarian. The illustrations are unique and will become a favorite of small readers and older children alike.  

Pre-K - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: SL.

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