Sunday, February 18, 2018

Baby Animals Take a Bath by Marsha Diane Arnold- ADVISABLE

Arnold, Marsha Diane Baby Animals Take a Bath. Illustrated by Phyllis Tildes. BOARD BOOK. Charlesbridge Publishers, Inc., 2017. $6.99. Content: G.  

What type of bath do babies enjoy? A bubble bath!  What about baby animals? What kind of bath does a polar bear cub, sea lion pup, snow monkey infant, chickadee fledgling, zebra foal, hippopotamus calf, tiger cub or elephant calf take? 

This fun board book explores snow baths, steam baths, dust baths, mud baths and much more!  Children will have fun exploring different baby animals and the world in which they live and bathe.   The illustrations are very detailed and fun.  

Pre-K - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: SL.

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