Friday, February 23, 2018

Smart Cookie by Elly Swartz - OPTIONAL

Swartz, Elly Smart Cookie, 265 pages. Scholastic Press, 2018. $17.

Language: G (0 swears); Mature content: PG (threats, minor law-breaking); Violence: G.

Frankie, 11yo, has lived at the B&B with her dad and Gram since she was four-years old and her mom passed away in a car accident. Now Frankie thinks it might be time for her dad to think about finding a new wife/mom for the family. Add to that drama the fact that the B&B is struggling to book guests, her friend Elliot thinks there is a ghost haunting the place, Gram is acting really strange, and her ex-best friend Jess just became her partner on a class project—and life is feeling pretty tough and uncertain. Frankie will have to solve the mysteries she can and figure out which of her own secrets she needs to open up about.

I found this to be an enjoyable and heartfelt story about the power of family. I do think young readers would enjoy the story, but its overall not incredibly original and as such rather forgettable. There is also a lot happening all at once in the story and it feels a little chaotic trying to keep track of all the pieces. I still really enjoy Swartz’s writing, but did not enjoy this one as much as her last.


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