Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Safe in a Storm by Stephen Swinburne - ADVISABLE

Swinburne, Stephen R. Safe in a Storm, illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell.  PICTURE BOOK.  Cartwheel Books (Scholastic), APRIL 2016.  $11.

As the storm starts to rage and howl, mother and father animals find safe places to harbor with their little ones. 
When you read that this book is dedicated to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary, it becomes even more tender and more tear-inducing.  Each family pair is sweetly drawn and are the focus as the terror of the storm fades to the background.  

This would be a great choice to replace “I’ll Love you Forever”  (because I find that book positively creepy), so as soon as this is published, start buying it for your expecting friends and your grandchildren!

Pre-K, GIFT – ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library teacher

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steve swinburne said...

Thanks for the lovely review. I hate to be snarky, but I find "that book" creepy, too. LOL.