Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis - ADVISABLE

Lewis, R.C. Spinning Starlight,  336 pages.  Disney, OCT 2015.  Violence: PG; Language: G; Mature Content: G. 

Liddi Jantzen is the youngest in a large family of technological geniuses and the one tapped by her parents to run their company after their deaths.  Because Liddi is the only the girl, they knew her brothers would rally around her.  One night intruders invade her home and Liddi escapes – and runs right into betrayal.  She discovers that her brothers are caught inside the very conduits that keep the seven planets of her home system accessible and unified.  And someone wants to keep them there as sacrifices, implanting Liddi with a device in her larynx that will kill her brothers if she tries to tell anyone about who she is and why she is fleeing.    Liddi makes a desperate escapes and lands on Ferrine – the Eighth World that Liddi had no idea existed.  She finds a sympathetic family who wait patiently until she can communicate her needs and finds her self an important part of an heroic effort to save the galaxy.

I was enchanted by Lewis’s futuristic take on a classic fairy tale – she really owns the story as her own, leaning only very lightly on its roots.  Liddi is a strong heroic figure and reading her story was a pleasure.

MS, HS - ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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