Thursday, July 9, 2015

Feet Go to Sleep by Barbara Bottner- ADVISABLE

Bottner, Barbara. Feet Go to Sleep, PICTURE BOOK. Alfred A. Knopf, 2015. $16.99. Spending a day at the beach is exciting for anyone. Fiona is no exception. She had such a fun, action-packed day that she’s having a difficult time winding down for the night to go to sleep. As she tells her various body parts to settle down for the night (“Toes, go to sleep!”), she remembers the day’s activities. Toes were for gripping flip-flops, legs were for running after cousins, and arms were for catching the beach ball. After Fiona describes each part, it goes immediately to sleep. Her eyes are the last to slumber, but they finally drift off after helping Fiona think of her magical day. This is such a cute book. The pictures are exceptional, with boxes inserted so that the reader can see Fiona trying to help her body go to sleep, as well as the day she is describing. It’s a really simple story that brings you right into the fun of going to the beach and the memories it builds within. A great bedtime book. Content: G. PRE-K, EL (K-3) -ADVISABLE. Reviewed by: Shay, School Librarian

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