Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Children of the Blessing by Perry Morris

Morris, Perry  Children of the Blessing, 524 pgs. Self-published through Amazon 2015, $2.99 for eBook, $18.95 hard copy book, Language G (0 “f”) Content PG Violence PG.  
Renn and Avaris are both blessed at Midsummer Azur Aven. This is the first new moon after the summer solstice. All new babies are blessed at the new moon, and blessings take place monthly. A big celebration takes place and whole communities come together for the festivities. When Renn and Avaris are blessed, different years, they are marked by the gods as “Children of the Blessing.” They are fulfilling age long prophecies. When the boys are blessed, events are put in motion and the boys need to choose good or evil.
Renn just wanted to be a farmer when he grew up, and Avaris wanted to be a warrior like his father. Strange creatures, horrifying experiences and the death of loved ones force the boys to flee to safety. 
This book follows the boys on their journey to understand what is happening and to find safety for themselves and their loved ones. If you like epic fantasy sagas, this is the book for you. It is a great read and I could not put it down. The story is set in a middle-age type society. Characters are well defined as well as the different groups of people, magic, the borders of the countries, good and evil.
MS, HS – ESSENTIAL.  Ellen-Anita Olson, Teacher Librarian

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