Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Never Forgotten by Kelly Risser - ADVISABLE

Risser, Kelly Never Forgotten, 314 pages.  Clean Teen Publishing, 2014.  Content: G.

Meara, 17, has just found out that her mother’s breast cancer has reoccurred. Instead planning fun time with her friends for the summer, she has helped packed up the house and she and her mom have moved back to Peggy’s Cove, her mother’s childhood home – for good.  Meara has never met her father, David, but she knows that her is where her parents fell in love and where her father left her mother behind.  But Meara sees a man in her dreams and she knows that he is her father.  Then he appears in the flesh, wanting to make up for lost time with Mears and her mother.  But there is more than one otherworldly mystery surrounding David – secrets that will affect both Meara and her mother.

While the theme is a familiar one for heavy readers of teen supernatural books, the clean aspect will definitely appeal to many school librarians.  I think this is a series, so that supernatural element will become more prominent in the sequels.  This however, is an excellent introduction to the characters without feeling likes it’s a place holder for the main action.  Now I need to buy the whole series!

MS, HS – ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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