Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Project Blastoff by Mark Kelly - ADVISABLE

Kelly, Mark  Project Blastoff (Astrotwins)  210 pgs. Simon and Shuster, 2015  $ 16.99 Language G, Content G.  Mark and Scott Kelly, twin boys, get in big trouble by destroying their dad’s calculator. As punishment, they are sent to stay with their grandfather, where there is no TV and video games. The grandfather suggests they do something “constructive” with their time, like “build a go-cart.” The twins, together with new friends, decide to build and launch a rocket.

This was a fun and exciting book and I enjoyed reading it. It was a fast read, and the book is full of useful information. I especially liked how the author explained the science of rocket making, rocket fuel, and space travel. I would really recommend this book and it will appeal to children in both elementary and junior high school.

EL, MS – ADVISABLE.  Ellen-Anita Olson, Teacher Librarian

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