Saturday, June 27, 2015

Zac & Mia by AJ Betts - OPTIONAL

Betts, A.J. Zac & Mia, 310 pages.  $18.  Houghton Mifflin, 2014.  Language: R (122 swears, 69 F); Mature Content: PG-13; Violence: G.

When I first started Zac & Mia, I thought it would follow the normal cancer book routine. Which would mean the characters spent most of the book inside the hospital. Though I was happily proven wrong. I really loved how both Zac and Mia carried on with their lives outside the hospital. It gave the reader a chance to see what happens after treatment ends. The book was told in three parts, the first from Zac's point of view, which I loved. Once the book entered the middle section with both points of view, I was not as into the story as I had hoped, but it quickly regained that 'pull' once the third part (Mia's point of view) had started.
 I loved the way Zac and Mia got to know each other in the beginning of the book, the 'knock and tap' concept was so heartwarming and It was done in just the right way. Every knock form Zac seemed to say something different and calming. I was sucked into the story and just couldn't put it down! Since it was set in Australia, I loved the terms A. J. Betts used, it was so fun! The book had such smooth transitions between parts and I really thought I knew the ending, until I didn't... Over all I really liked the book! I loved all of Zac's 'googled' statistics. They followed through the book and really made it unique. It is definitely something for older teens because of selective topics and strong language, but it's nothing I wouldn't recommend to everyone!

HS – OPTIONAL (see ratings).  Student Reviewer:  EY, 16 sjpl

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