Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dinosaurs Live On! by Laura Lyn DiSiena and Hannah Eliot - ADVISABLE

DiSiena, Laura Lyn and Hannah Eliot  Dinosaurs Live On!  Illustrated by Aaron Spurgeon  Little Simon, 2015.  $6.99  PICTURE BOOK  Content: G.   

This book is full of fun and interesting facts that show how dinosaurs characteristics can be found in animals today.  The book explains how big in size and weight many dinosaurs were and the different time periods and places that they lived in.  The book draws comparisons between animals that are alive today and similar characteristics they share with dinosaurs of old.   

The illustrations are bright and attractive with cute expressive cartoon-ish dinosaurs.  The facts are interesting and explained well.  My only wish is that there was a pronunciation guide for the names of the dinosaurs.  There is a lot of information, buy my six year old stayed with each page and all of the facts, so it’s entertaining and interesting enough to hold little readers attentions but has information that older elementary kids would like as well.  

EL (K-3), EL-ADVISABLE.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.    

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