Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yesterday by CK Kelly Martin - NO

Martin, C. K. Kelly Yesterday, 352 pgs. Random House, 2012. Language - PG-13 (35 swears, 21 "f"), Sexual Content - PG-13; Violence - PG-13; 

Moving after her father's death has not made things any easier for Freya as the grief threatens to overwhelm her. Everything feels wrong--her memories, her grandfather, her sister, a kiss with a cute boy, even her hair color. But seeing Garren feels familiar, even though they have never met. Somehow, their lives are linked, but by figuring out how will change their lives drastically. Again. 

Honestly, this book became less appealing the more I thought about reading it. Yesterday must have sounded good the first time I saw it because I picked it up, but I had a hard time trying to figure out what I saw in this book. Nevertheless, I started reading. I was intrigued by the prologue, but lost my excitement in the first few chapters. The sudden switch from 2063 to 1985 was boggling and went unexplained too long. I stopped caring how it happened and tried to lose myself in the seemingly new story that was being told. Unfortunately, that story wasn't very well put together either. There were countless discrepancies with time (especially in Freya's school schedule) that annoyed me as a reader. Then, just when I was forgetting about 2063 all together, information and explanations were dumped on me without continuing the story. The explanation should have been better incorporated into Freya's adventure. 

HS - NO. Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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