Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Isle of the Lost by Melissa DeLaCruz - ADVISABLE

DeLaCruz, Melissa The Isle of the Lost, 311 pages.  Disney Hyperion, 2015.  $18.  Language: G; Mature Content: G; Violence: G (danger, but little actual violence).  

Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, has grown up on the Isle of the Lost since her mother and the other villains were banished by King Beast from the fairy tale land of Auradon.  The closest person she has to a friend is Carlos, Jafar’s son, though when you’re evil, who really needs friends?  No one.  Ever since Mal was not invited to birthday party of the Evil Queen’s daughter Evie. Mal has been out for revenge.  Now that Evie is in public school, Mal just needs to come up with the perfect evil plan to humiliate the girl.  With a little help from Carlos, and Jay, the son of Cruella DeVille, Mal may have the perfect plan - one that might also bring magic back to the Evils.  

While I thought the initial premise (all the evil characters, even those who thought they had dies are all banished one one island together and they all have children even though none of them have spouses) was a bit strange for me, I got to liking Mal and the other kids very much.  Based on the new Descendants TV series coming to the Disney Channel.  Could be fun - or evil.  

EL, MS - ADVISABLE.  Cindy, Library Teacher

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