Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mission Elephant Rescue by Ashlee Brown Blewett and Daniel Raven-Ellison - ADVISABLE

Blewett, Ashlee Brown  and Daniel Raven-Ellison  Mission: Elephant Rescue, 107 pgs.  National Geographic Children's Books, 2014.  $12.99  Content: PG.   

This comprehensive look at the current state of elephants in Africa and Asia gives readers an overview of elephant’s lifestyle, history and fight for survival.  There are inserts throughout with many biographies about explorers who work to help the elephants.  There are also inserts throughout with ideas to help kids make elephant projects or to bring the plight of elephants to the attention of those around them.   

I really enjoyed this informative and up-to-date exploration about elephants.  There are little side bars throughout and each chapter ends with a project that kids could do—which would be one of my complaints because I don’t feel like most of the activities are that applicable for kids in Utah.  There is a lot going on throughout the book-at times it’s hard to follow the direction that you are supposed to be reading because there are so many inserts.  It’s also directed at older elementary or middle school kids because of the amount of information.  High school kids might find it interesting as well.  The back pages list a lot of resources if readers want more information.   

EL, MS-ADVISABLE.  HS-OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.      

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