Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Man of Steel: Superman Saves Smallville by John Sazaklis - OPTIONAL

Sazaklis, John Man of Steel: Superman Saves Smallville Illustrated by Jeremy Roberts  HarperFestival, 2013.  $3.99  PICTURE BOOK Content: G. 
Superman came from the planet Krypton, when his parents put him in a space capsule and sent him to earth before their planet exploded.  When Superman got to earth he was raised by his earth parents, the Kents.  When Superman grew up he learned about the planet he came from and learned about three criminals from Krypton’s history.  When the three criminals show up they fight with Superman for control of earth.  Superman fights them and wins. 

This book is based on the movie, Man of Steel.  The other book, Man of Steel: The Fate of Krypton has some of the exact same pictures in it, so the first five pages seem to be repeats, but this book is different because it deals with the fighting off of the criminals.  It doesn’t seem like you would have to have both books in your library because they tell similar stories, but if Superman is a big hit then you can’t go wrong. 
EL (K-3)-OPTIONAL.  Reviewer, C. Peterson.

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