Saturday, September 28, 2013

Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce - OPTIONAL

Pierce, Tamora Battle Magic, 440 p. Scholastic, 2013.  $18.  Content: PG (battle violence, non-detailed deaths).  

Rosethorn, Briar and Evvy are just about to head home after their long journey when they receive an invitation from the Emperor of Yanjing to visit his world renowned gardens.  While the trio are eager to go, they find they are just as eager to leave when the Emperor proves to be greedy, sadistic and capricious.  In fact, they need to quickly escape, find their allies and prepare for the most important war of their lives.  If they lose, the Emperor will be free to conquer their whole world.  All three, but especially Evvy, will hidden depths and creative uses for their magics – uses that they should have never had to discover.  

As much as I love Pierce’s every word, they require enough of a reader that they will never be as popular as Riordan and Mull.  She has also taken many years to create a universe with much depth to it.  Only your absolute best readers who adore non-derivative fantasy will appreciate these.  

MS, HS – OPTIONAL.  Cindy, Library Teacher.

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