Friday, September 27, 2013

Hanging off Jefferson’s Nose by Tina Coury - ADVISABLE

Coury, Tina Nichols Hanging off Jefferson’s Nose: Growing Up on Mount Rushmore, illustrated by Sally Wren Comport.  Dial (Penguin), 2013.  $17.  PICTURE BOOK.  

Lincoln Borglum grew up on Mount Rushmore, working along side his father as they used an army of workers to carve the now famous monument to four presidents.  Even when he could have left for college, Lincoln stayed, learning every job on the mountain.  At 26, Lincoln took over as manager, and when his father died three years later, Lincoln was determined to finish the work.  

This as much a story of the love and respect between father and son as it is a quick look at the building of the monument.  It is not overly wordy, but is not a light read, landing part way between a regular picture book and a short non-fiction title.  

EL – ADVISABLE; MS – OPTIONAL (show to your American History teachers). Cindy, Library Teacher.

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