Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Gigantic Giant Goof-up by Sarah Courtauld - ADVISABLE

Courtauld, Sarah The Gigantic Giant Goof-up (Buckle and Squash). 187 pages.  Feiwel and Friends (Imprint of Macmillan), 2015. $14.99. Language: G (0 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: G; Violence G.  

Sisters Eliza and Lavender could not be more different. While Eliza spends her days unsuccessfully shooting arrows and battling imaginary evils, Lavender daydreams of being swept away by a handsome prince.  So, when Lavender makes a wish on the holy (and magical) snail that plunges them both into a dangerous situation as a giant child’s playthings, Eliza must figure out how to get them both back home in one piece. The task is made much more difficult as Lavender becomes  distracted and “oh so smitten” by the sudden appearance of a handsome, if dimwitted, prince.

A fun fractured fairy tale with lots of  wordplay and loaded with sarcasm. I enjoyed the witty banter between the characters and  the clever use of multiple characters to carry the storyline.  This book will be a hit for anyone who enjoys all things quirky.  

EL, MS - ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Jen Miller, Elementary Librarian

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