Thursday, November 3, 2016

Heroes for My Son by Brad Meltzer - OPTIONAL

Meltzer, Brad Heroes for My Son NON FICTION. Harper Collins 2010. $17.99. Content: G.  

When the author’s first child was born, he began compiling a list of heroes: ordinary people who achieved the extraordinary, that he wanted his son to look up to and admire.  This is his list.  Each Hero is presented with a picture, a (very) short synopsis of their achievements and a brief life sketch followed by an inspiring quote by them or about them.  

This is a good springboard to give students ideas when looking for an inspiring person to study in more depth.  50+ famous people and 2 personal choices, plus a place for the book owner to add his own picture of a hero and accompanying biography.  Not really enough information to use as research, but certainly an inspiring book.  Includes photo credits (more source material would have been appreciated)  

EL, MS - OPTIONAL Lisa Librarian

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