Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bear’s Don’t Read by Emma Chichester Clark –ADVISABLE

Clark, Mary  Bear’s Don’t Read Kane Miller (EDC) , 2015. $12.99  PICTURE BOOK
George the bear discovers that he doesn’t find the forest as fun as the other bears do. He doesn’t know quite what it will take to make him happy, until one day he discovers a book. When the other bears tell him that Bears Don’t Read, this bear is determined to make his dream come true. George  knows that he must go to the city of humans, will people believe that Bear’s Don’t Read also?
This is a large picture book that could easily be shared during a storytime. While it promotes reading, which all librarians love, it also features a simple message about persistence and following your dreams, which I like. The artwork is cute but the main character has a dark overlay which I don’t care for, makes it hard for his personality to shine. Parts of the language didn’t translate well, and some things may have to be explained –like “George would not be put off”.

EL(K-3)  -ADVISABLE  Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary School Librarian & Author.

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