Friday, August 21, 2015

Nenry Hubble's Book of Troubles by Andy Myer-OPTIONAL

Myer, Andy Henry Hubble’s Book of Troubles. CHAPTER BOOK. Random House Children’s Books, 2015. $15.99. Content: G. Henry Hubble is a very funny kid.  But it seems that nothing every goes Henry Hubble’s way. Henry decides that he will keep a journal of all the incredible things that happen to him each day. This decision is something Henry soon learns to regret as a bully gets a hold of his journal and tries to use it to embarrass Henry. As Henry’s journal hits the social media, Henry has to try to regain his former reputation- awkward as that may have been.  I enjoyed this book even though at times it caused me a little anxiety wondering how Henry was going to get himself out of some of the messes he found himself in.  He is definitely awkward and a little behind socially, but funny nonetheless.  OPTIONAL. EL. Student Reviewed: JL- age 12. 

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