Friday, August 7, 2015

Fractions in Disguise by Edward Einhorn - OPTIONAL

Einhorn, Edward  Fractions in Disguise. Illustrated by David Clark. Charlesbridge, 2014. $18. NONFICTION

From the publisher: "When a valuable fraction goes missing, George Cornelius Factor (a.k.a. GCF) vows to track it down. Knowing that the villainous Dr. Brok likes to disguise his ill-begotten fractions, GCF invents a Reducer—a tool that strips away the disguise, reducing the fraction and revealing its true form."

This is essentially a concept book that uses a silly (fictional) story to help kids understand how to reduce fractions. I found the illustrations very colorful, full of personality, and fun. The story is a bit too convoluted and silly for my tastes, and the plot line and puns may be difficult for youngsters to follow on their own, but as a way to make fractions more approachable for students, it could work like a charm.  I would show this to math-loving kids, or use it as a read-aloud with kids to introduce this concept.

EL - OPTIONAL. Reviewed by P.K. Foster, teacher-librarian

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