Friday, August 21, 2015

Nate the Great: Where Are You? by Margorie Weinman Sharmat and MItchell Sharmat- ADVISABLE

Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman and Mitchell Sharmat Nate the Great: Where Are You? CHAPTER BOOK. Random House Children’s Books, 2015. $12.99.  Content: G. Today, Nate the Great has a lot of cases to solve. He and his dog Sludge decide they are taking a break for the day. They find a costume that will disguise them. When his friends wonder where Nate is, they look for him. They aren’t able to find him anywhere. His friends really need Nate in order to solve their cases and they are worried for Nate. Read to find out if Nate will be found and whether or not he can help solve their cases. ADVISABLE. EL (K-3) Student Reviewed: JL- age 12. 

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