Thursday, August 20, 2015

AH! by Geraldine Collet- OPTIONAL

Collet, Geraldine AH! Illustrated by Estelle Billon Spagnol. Holiday House, Inc. , 2014. $16.95. Picture Book.  Content: G. Rabbit is a fun, adventurous creature.  He loves to explore the world around him.  Happily he wanders throughout his day looking at this and that until he suddenly encounters a huge, ugly spider!  “A beast!” He cries.  Rabbit then does everything in his power to rid himself of this spider. Eventually he runs into his girlfriend who happens to ALSO have an identical spider on her back.  In the end of this simple and silly book, the spiders are the ones who are happy to get rid of annoying Rabbits! The illustrations are simple and fun.  With very few words and the illustrations doing most of the story telling, this could be used as an early reader.  Pre-K.  EL (K-3). OPTIONAL. Reviewer: SL. 

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