Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Secret of the Key by Marianne Malone - ADVISABLE

Malone, Marianne  Sixty-Eight Rooms: The Secret of the Key,  241p. Random House, 2014.   $16.99. 

Content: G.  

Something is wrong within the miniature rooms at the Art Institute.  There is much more to the shrinking key than Ruthie and Jack even realize.  They will need to solve the mystery behind the origin of the key, rescue someone who is trapped in time, and reunite a separated brother and ssister.  After all that - there will still be the hardest decision of all - does the key need to be destroyed?  

The time travel in this now is a little more complicated - more layers and changes.  Malone almost loses control of those layers, but manages to just keep everything comprehensible.  Ruthie and Jack have been fun to follow.  


 Cindy - Library Teacher 

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