Sunday, October 12, 2014

Little Lola by Julie Saab -- ADVISABLE

Saab, Julie Little Lola, illustrated by David Gothard. PICTURE BOOK. HarperCollins/Greenwillow Books, 2014. $16.99. Content: G.

Lola the cat has checked off everything on her daily to-do list -- everything, that is, except having an adventure. When she sees a bus full of children, she knows exactly what that adventure will be: school!

This is an amusing picture book, with humor leaning toward the delightfully absurd -- after all, the likelihood that a cat would not only find a discarded outfit and backpack near a school bus, but also manage to make it to school and blend in is pretty low. Still, it's fun and the illustrations are cute. It could work well as both a back-to-school book for new learners, or as a fish-out-of-water story for more experienced students -- perhaps mid-year kindergarteners.

Pre-K, EL (K-3) -- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Caryn

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