Monday, October 20, 2014

Hunt for Jade Dragon by Richard Evans - ESSENTIAL

Evans, Richard Paul Hunt for Jade Dragon (Michael Vey), 319 p. Mercury Ink (Simon), 2014.  $19.  Content: PG (lots of danger, some deaths, nothing graphic).

Michael and his friends have escaped the Elgen in Peru, but unfortunately Dr. Hatch survived the explosion of the Ampere.  The Electroclan is on the run for Taiwan, where the Elgen have a deaf, mute genius imprisoned - who also happens to be a child.  The Electroclan will rescue her from Hatch’s clutches, even if it means all of their lives.  

Evans has toned down the violence, but not the adventure in his latest installment of the Michael Vey series.  I actually had a boy squeal and do a happy dance around the library when he got his hands on on elf my first four library copies the day after release.

MS - ESSENTIAL.  Cindy - Library Teacher

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