Friday, October 17, 2014

Terror of the Nightwatchman by Tommy Donbavand - ADVISABLE

Donbavand, Tommy  Terror of the Nightwatchman,  115p. Candlewick Press, 2010.   $5.00. Content: G (kid-level creepiness).
Luke and his friends risked their lives to get the door from Scream Street to the normal world open, but mean Sir Sneer has made their lives miserable by bringing in normals as tourists.  There must be a better solution.  When Cleo is kidnapped, the boys pursue to save her - and find out more about their new world than they ever dreamed possible - new hope, new terror.

I think the Scream Street books are pretty fun.  For boys who aren’t ready for the creepier stuff, this is a good bridge.  The friendships are solid and there are even good parental role models among the scare.

EL, MS - ADVISABLE.  Cindy - Library Teacher 

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