Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Owl Diaries: Eva's Treetop Festival by Rebecca Elliott - ESSENTIAL

Elliott, Rebecca Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival, 72 pgs.  Branches, 2015  $15.99  Early Reader Content: G.  

An owl named Eva loves to be crafty and plan things.  One day her friend gives her an idea to do a Bloomtastic Festival at school that has a talent competition, cupcake contest, fashion show and an art show.  She has troubles getting everything done in time on her own, so she has her classmates help her.  Eva thought she didn’t plan very well, but it actually turned out good.  

I LOVED the illustrations, the owls were adorable.  I think it had a good moral to the story, with the lesson that it’s okay to ask for help.  I want the next book because it was so good.  

EL(K-3)-ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer, Isabelle, age 10.   

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