Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Everybody Paints! by Susan Rubin - OPTIONAL

Rubin, Susan Goldman  Everybody Paints!  105p. Chronicle Books, 2014.   $16.99. Content: G. 

Three generations of Wyeths have become famous for their art:  N.C., Andrew, and Jamie.  Rubin takes a look at the scope and history of their art, including personal information about the inspiration and backgrounds of many famous paintings and illustrations.  This is a must have book for a school with an active art collection.  It would also make a perfect gift for an art lover.

Cindy - Library Teacher 

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Lisa Morey said...

This is a biography of the most famous artistic family in America, N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth. Focusing primarily on their artistic training and family relationships, this study of three generations of artists, complete with full color pictures and sketches of their art work, is a very approachable, easy to read biography. Appropriate at any school library level, it’s brevity would place it perfectly in the Middle School.