Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pig and Small by Alex Latimer -- ADVISABLE

Latimer, Alex Pig and Small. PICTURE BOOK. Peachtree, August 1, 2014. $15.95. Content: G.

From the moment Pig and Bug meet, they are great friends. Unfortunately, Pig is too large to do many of the things Bug wants to do, and Bug is too small to do many of Pig's favorite activities. Still, they are determined to find some common ground, even if that means they have to get a little creative.

This fun, colorful story shows that two people can overcome big differences in order to make relationships work, as long as they are willing to cooperate. The humorous illustrations are a nice touch, and the twist at the end will likely leave some kids laughing.

Pre-K, EL (K-3) -- ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Caryn

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