Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flying the Dragon by Natalie Dias Lorenzi –ADVISABLE

Lorenzi, Natalie Dias Flying the Dragon 240 pgs. Charlesbridge Publishing, 2012. $12.13.  (Rating: G)
Although Skye is half-Japanese, she was born in America and doesn’t think too much about her heritage. That changes when family, including a cousin her age –Hiroshi, move to their city. Skye’s parents force her to take Japanese lessons, which might ruin all she has accomplished in soccer, in order that she can get to know her Japanese grandfather. Hiroshi on the other hand, loved his life in Japan and resents having to learn English and share his grandfather’s attention. But the two cousins must help each other out if they want to win a kite making/flying contest that is coming up.
This was a wonderful book! It did a great job of putting us into the culture shocked head of Hiroshi, letting us experience a new life with him. The author was skilled at weaving together characters, plot components, emotions and motivations into a dynamic story with heart. Teachers will love the cultural component. But, I think students will find “The Dragon” to be the most interesting part. The kite almost has a life of its own, and is almost another character.
ELEMENTARY –ESSENTIAL Reviewer: Stephanie Elementary Librarian & Author.


Natalie said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Flying the Dragon!

Caryn said...

If you're curious, there's a fun interview with the author on my friend Carmen's website: