Sunday, September 30, 2012

Legends of Zita the Spacegirl (Book 2) by Ben Hatke– ESSENTIAL

Hatke, Ben Legends of Zita the Spacegirl 224 pgs. First Second, 2012. $7.79.  (Rating: G)
Zita may have had one space adventure, saving a friend from earth, but now she is not only well-known but still needs to get back to earth herself. When she finds a twin of sorts, she lets this unknown person take over her unwanted chore of meeting fans. But the twin takes over and takes off with Zita’s newest mission and chance to go home. Zita must find a ship and put a stop to all the nonsense, and maybe save a planet and rescue her best friend the mouse if at all possible.
This is my favorite graphic novel series of all time. I adore Zita and so do the students. In fact, the first book in the series is one of the most circulated books in my school library, and I have been getting tons of requests for this second one. I was thrilled that it lived up to the hype. I haven’t been this enthralled by a story for a long time! Students of all ages can enjoy this series, with its fantastic artwork, intriguing plot and lovable characters; it’s an essential purchase.
EL, ELEMENTARY– ESSENTIAL Reviewer: Stephanie School Librarian & Author.

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