Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Moon Moth by Humayoun Ibrahim - NO

Ibrahim, Humayoun, and Vance, Jack The Moon Moth. First Second Press, 2012. 114 pgs. Language: G, Violence: PG:13 (several cartoony beheadings), Sexual content: G. $17.99 TBP. GRAPHIC NOVEL

Edwer Thissell is an anthropologist on the strange planet Sirene. He wasn’t told of the intricate, often deadly social norms. All people wear masks to indicate their status, and one must play a different musical instrument, depending on the social class of the audience, in addition to the spoken language. Any errors or insults are punishable by death. In the midst of trying to understand the culture, Edwer is caught up in a murder mystery. He must find the murderer to clear his name, but how can he find them when everyone always wears a mask?

Adapted from one of Jack Vance’s most popular short stories, The Moon Moth is too high-concept for most teenagers... even most adults. The story is intricate and at times hard to follow. The art work is good, and the musical speech-bubbles add the right tone to the work. 


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