Monday, September 17, 2012

A Voice for Kanzas by Debra McArthur - ADVISABLE

McArthur, Debra A Voice for Kanzas, 367 pgs. Kane Miller, 2012. Language - G, Sexual Content - G; Violence - PG; 

Lucy is moving to Kansas, much to her dismay, with Papa, Mamma, and her brother Joseph. Pap wants to open a store and vote for Kansas to be free, but will there be anything for Lucy out there? This isn't just a story about moving and having to start over. Lucy is trying to find herself out in Kansas in a way she couldn't in Pennsylvania. She tries to figure out her new life, how she fits into Kansas, and what she can do to help everyone she can. Lucy finds herself, and her voice, out in the middle of nowhere. 


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