Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tracks by Diane Wilson - ESSENTIAL

Wilson, Diane Lee Tracks. Margret K. McElderry Press, 2012. $16.99, 276 pages. Language: PG (mostly ‘god’ and ‘jesus’ – it’s the wild west) Violence: PG (several fistfights, nothing bloody) Mature content: G.

Tracks follows the physical and emotional journey of a young Irishman named Malachy as he works on the railroad in the last frantic days to complete the transcontinental line. He’s on the line with rough white men and a large group of Chinese migrants, and through his interactions with both he learns how to be a man and how to treat others.

This book is a great read for kids interested in the transcontinental railroad (especially 7th graders in Utah Studies). It gives historical insight on the men who left everything to finish the railroad. It’s also valuable for the lessons taught about tolerance and honesty. The lead character goes through the ringer, and comes out a better young man for it. 

Upper EL/MS – ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: Ben

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