Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Marathon by Yakin and Infurnari - ESSENTIAL

Yakin, Boaz and Infurnari, Joe Marathon. First Second Press, 2012. $16.99, 187 pages. Language: PG, Sexual Content : PG-13 (one scene, no nudity, not too graphic) Violence: R (lots of war violence). 

Marathon tells the story of a runner from Athens trying to warn his people of an impending invasion. See the life of the runner and the incredible journey he undertakes to save his people, running hundreds of miles with little rest, literally the first marathon runner.  With artwork and content similar to Frank Miller’s epic 300, Marathon is a little more toned down, better for school audiences. The story is well-paced, giving the reader insight to the brutal clashes between Greek and the Persian Empire. 

MS/HS – ESSENTIAL.  Reviewer: Ben

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