Friday, October 21, 2011

White Water by Michael S. Bandy - ESSENTIAL

Bandy, Michael S. and Eric Stein White Water: Inspired by a true story, illustrated by Shadra Strickland.  Candlewick, 2011.  $17.  PICTURE BOOK.  When Michael goes to town with his mother, he has to drink from the fountain labeled “Colored” and he always wonders what “White” water tastes like – it has to be better than what he has, otherwise why would the two fountains be separate?  One day he decides that he is going to try that “White” water, even if he gets into lots of trouble. Pair this book with Matt Faulkner’s A Taste of Colored Water to see both sides of the story.  A great mini lesson on life during the Civil Rights era.  EL, MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher.

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