Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beswitched by Kate Saunders - OPTIONAL

Saunders, Kate Beswitched, 256 p. Delacorte (Random), DECEMBER 2011. $17.  Content: G. 

Flora Fox and her grandmother do not get along whatsoever.  So when Flora finds out that Granny is coming to live with her – and that she is being sent off to boarding school besides, she cannot control her ire.  On the train to her new school, however, she finds herself pulled through time – to a boarding school all right, but one from 1935.  Her new roommates had found an old spell book and yanked Flora from the future.  But Flora hates her roommates – especially the despicable, selfish Daphne “Pete” Petersen - hates her ‘new’ school and hates having given up all of her modern conveniences.  No one knows how to return Flora to the future and they have no idea what mission Flora is supposed to accomplish.  

As cute as I found this book, I don’t think it will have a wide audience.  Girls who like the Mother-Daughter book club would also like this.  


NOTE:  While trolling the internet I happened upon the UK cover for the book.  I am very glad they changed it.  It is so retro old-fashioned looking that I am pretty sure that USA girls would never pick it up for themselves.  Their gransma would probably buy it for them because it looks just like to covers of the books they read when they were little girls.

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